Landor Associates to review Siberia Airlines brand


Siberia Airlines is currently ranked as the 4th fastest growing airline in the world (Airline Business magazine’s 2003 league tables) and this year became the first Russian winner of the Award for Excellence in Corporate Strategy at the Flight International Aerospace Awards. In a period of general decline in the airline industry as a whole, Siberia Airlines is a success story and now has plans to purchase western airplanes and provide a more international reach to its customers. At this time of growth, the company has decided to redefine its brand for domestic and international customers. Mike Koshman, Director for Advertisement and Public Relations for Siberia Airlines, says: «We are now in a position to strengthen our relevance to our loyal regional customer base while further expanding this base with international customers. We believe building our brand will be the key to our success. With its incredible track record in airline branding, Landor Associates is the best possible partner to help us make this happen.» The brand is expected to relaunch in mid-2004.