Lufthansa Technik AG and Siberia Airlines support children's hospital


Rheograph is the apparatus to measure parameters of central and peripheral blood circulation. The Reo-Specter-2 computer rheograph purchased for the children's hospital has a number of specific features: painlessness and safety in combination with high information density of computer processing enable investigation of both central and regional hemodinamics in children of various age, as well as mass screening and clinical examination.
Lufthanza Technik AG is the largest European company providing services in maintenance and repair of all major types of aircraft produced by Airbus and Boeing companies. Lufthanza Technik AG is mainly focusing on maintenance and repair of engines and components, engineering support, logistics and aircraft painting.
Lufthanza Technik AG and Siberia Airlines are engaged in close partnership relations. Specialists of Lufthanza Technik provide support to Siberia Airlines in assimilation and maintenance of western aircrafts.