New flight S7 Airlines: Sochi - Istanbul


Flights Schedule, Sochi — Istanbul:

DirectionFlight numberDeparture timeArrival timeWeekdaysAircraft typePeriod
Sochi — Istanbul S7-1001 17:40 18:15 _2_____ ТU-154 30.10.07-29.03.08
Sochi — Istanbul S7-1001 19:15 19:50 ______7 ТU-154 30.10.07-29.03.08
Istanbul — Sochi S7-1002 19:20 21:55 _2_____ ТU-154 30.10.07-29.03.08
Istanbul — Sochi S7-1002 21:10 23:45 ______7 ТU-154 30.10.07-29.03.08

As from September 17, daily all-the-year-round regular S7 flights began for the first time, en route Sochi — Saint-Petersburg — Sochi. Moreover, the performance of flights en route Sochi — Samara — Novosibirsk (weekly) shall continue in winter time. Sochi-Moscow winter schedule flights will continue thrice a day, which event would allow preserving convenient connections in Domodedovo Airport for S7 flight passengers departing from many Russian cities. A decision was also taken with an intention to effectively perform the program of flights from Sochi to make the traditional summer basing for ТU-154М an all-the-year-round one. In future, a possibility is under consideration for Airbus А319 airplanes basing in Sochi .

”We consider it expedient to develop season flights to Sochi, therefore we have focused our current efforts on developing the network of routes from Sochi on all-the-year-round and daily flights”, Serguei Ratoushny, S7 Airlines general representative for Southern Region notes. “In this respect, we pay considerable attention to introducing new high standards of passenger servicing to our operation”, he adds.

During big summer season, up to 6 S7 daily flights to Sochi from Moscow were performed. Season flights from 8 Russian cities, 53 flights per week were performed either. This allowed S7 Airlines occupying the leading positions in terms of carriages’ volume in the Sochi city airport, with S7 share reaching 40% therein.

S7 Airlines plans for further passenger air-carriages development in Sochi envisage the increase in up-to-date aircrafts at a permanent basing, increase in frequency of flights performance to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Perm, opening new regular flights to Barnaul and Novokuznetsk, as well as international ones: to Kiev and Tel Aviv.

It shall be possible to learn exact flight schedule, tariff application rules and availability of seats for a specific flights, as well as to purchase tickets at airline site or by telephone (free of charge Russian call).

In the end of September 2007, S7 Airlines received an official IATA notification on airline including to IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) register of operators and became the second air-carrier in Russia having successfully passed the entire procedure of international audit on compliance with operational safety standards.

S7 Airlines consistently increases the service level, updates the existing company air fleet and uses their best efforts to make the journey pleasant and worth remembering. S7 Airlines is the biggest airline in Russian internal air routes and enters the segment of ТОР-50 world air-carriers. In 2006, S7 Airlines performed more than 40 thousand flights with 4.9 Mio passengers and more than 28 Thos. tons of cargo and mail carried thereon. On May 30, 2007, S7 Group signed a contract on 15 last generation long-haul aircrafts supply Boeing 787 Dreamliner and has a confirmed right to purchase 10 airplanes more on the same terms and conditions.

* - Web-fare not including taxes and duties, available for purchase only on the S7 Airlines website.

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