New S7 Airlines main aircraft will fly on CFM engines


The new engines will be installed on 25 new Airbus airplanes of the A320 family, and also on ten Boeing 737-800 airlanes, which will start carrying out flights on S7 Charter routes starting in 2010.

Equipping the new planes with modern engines is the next step in the realization of S7's strategic plan which includes the modernization of the aircraft fleet and engines in order to increase operational efficiency. “The airline uses various aircraft, therefore the need for a similar engine base and the outstanding characteristics of these engines CFM56 predetermined our choice,” said Vladislav Filev, managing director of Siberia Airlines, JSC.

CFM56 engines proved themselves to be the most popular on the market thanks to high fuel efficiency, ease of maintenance and extremely long service life.

S7 Airlines is the largest airline company servicing the Russian domestic airways and belongs to the world's TOP-50 air carriers in this category. By the total amount of passengers carried the S7 is in second place among Russian airlines. In 2006 S7 Airlines made over 40 thousand flights, in which 4.9 millions passengers and more than 28 thousand tons of cargo and mail were carried.