New services for S7 Airlines corporate passengers


The S7 sales agent will ask for the class and make of car required from the client, as well as the time and place of pickup, and will issue a special voucher for the trip.

“This new offer will allow S7 passengers to avoid spending additional time and money on trips between the city and the airport, as well as avoiding dealing with unreliable taxi firms,” said Sergei Lavrentyev, the S7 Group’s director of corporate sales. “We are offering a high-quality, safe and good-value service, which will allow our clients to save time,” he added.

The price will depend on the length of the journey and the type of car requested*. The fare is fixed and does not fluctuate depending on rush hour delays. It is calculated based on the administrative boundaries of Moscow.

When ordering a transfer from the city to the airport, the fare includes dispatching the car and waiting time of up to 30 minutes, and when ordering a car from the airport, up to 2 hours of waiting from the time that the aircraft lands. If the flight is delayed, the car will be waiting from the time that the flight actually lands.

The cars will be provided by the passenger transfer department of the GEMA group of transport companies, which is S7’s partner in this project, and will provide our clients with a choice of car makes, including middle-range cars (Opel Astra, Ford Focus), business class cars (Audi A6, Saab 95) and minibuses (Mercedes Vito and Viano). All cars have air conditioning.

You can find a flight timetable, check availability and book tickets on our official site at In 2005, S7 airlines became the first Russian airline to offer online ticket sales.

S7 Airlines is a registered trademark of Siberia Airlines.

Cost of transfer

DestinationMedium range (Opel Astra, Ford Focus), rublesBusiness class (Audi A6, Saab 95) and minibuses (Mercedes Vito and Viano), rubles SE Moscow 1100 1300 S Moscow 1100 1300 SW Moscow 1100 1300 W Moscow 1300 1500 Central Moscow 1300 1500 E Moscow 1300 1500 NE Moscow 1500 1800 N Moscow 1500 1800 NW Moscow 1500 1800