News on S7’S scheduled winter Ulan-Ude-Moscow service


In October, following a long hiatus caused by runway repair work at Mukhino Airport, we restarted our S7 115/116 Moscow—Ulan-Ude service. A winter timetable for S7 flights on this route has been agreed. It guarantees S7 passengers a daily connection with Moscow.

As the repair work at Mukhino has been extended until the end of November, flights from Ulan-Ude are temporarily departing from the Ural-Ude aircraft factory’s Vostochniy (Eastern) Aerodrome; the Moscow flight departs at 11:25. On four days of the week (Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday), the route is being flown by S7’s own aircraft. On the other days of the week, the route is being flown by KrasAir aircraft, with S7 passengers being allocated large blocks of seats.

Baggage reclaim for the flight to Ulan-Ude is taking place at Vostochniy Aerodrome. S7 passengers are being bussed the 7 miles to the city center. Passenger check-in and security checks for the flight from Ulan-Ude are taking place at the Mukhino airport terminal, where S7 representatives are working. From there, passengers are being bussed directly to their air stairs at Vostochniy Aerodrome; the journey takes 1 hour. An S7 representative is also on hand at the aerodrome when S7 flights take off and land there.

When the repair work is complete at Mukhino, the procedure for the flight to Moscow will be the same as before. Only the take-off time will change, returning to what it was before the repair work started —10:05.

You can find a flight timetable, check seat availability and book tickets on S7’s official website,, or by calling (free from within Russia).