Official communiqu?


Recently, a number of our customers using a bank card to purchase an air ticket from the site have found that access to the amount charged to their account has been blocked.

This situation has arisen as a result of specific features of the software set-up at the processing centers of some issuing banks, which has led to errors at the pre-authorization stage.

We at S7 Airlines apologize to all those affected by these difficulties, for which we are not responsible. We recommend consulting the bank that issued your card to resolve such problems.

We would also like to inform our customers that to avoid a repeat of such situations, the pre-authorization mode will be abolished in future.

NB! If you use a bank card to pay for an air ticket the relevant sum will be debited from your account card only ONCE!

What is “pre-authorization”?

The procedure for paying by bank card for air tickets bought over the Internet with a pre-authorization hold involves the following steps:

  • When the customer applies to make the purchase and enters the card number, a “pre-authorization” process takes place, whereby confirmation is received from the issuing bank that the transaction can take place. Here, access to the funds in the cardholder’s account is blocked, but the amount is NOT YET TAKEN from the card.
  • Later, once all the necessary checks have been made, the authorization is completed, a presentment is made and the amount of the transaction is debited from the customer’s account.
  • The date of the operation in the account statement will be the date the authorization is completed (not the pre-authorization date), as it is on this date that the booking “transaction” and payment for the tickets are deemed to have been made.