Petersbyrgers feel the benefits of S7's flight network


The launch of the new Moscow route gives Saint Petersburgers the chance to take advantage of all the benefits of the flight networks of S7 and its partner airlines. S7 alone flies to more than 110 cities in Russia, other CIS countries and Europe. Thanks to its effective interline work and its code-sharing agreements with major global air carriers, S7 offers flights to almost anywhere in the world. At present, S7 has more than 80 partner airlines.

'There is no doubt that one of S7 Airlines’ major pluses is its extensive reach to cities in Russia and around the world,' said Nikolai Zlenko, Deputy Managing Director of Pulkovo Airport. 'So that Petersburgers can feel the benefits of S7 Airlines' flight network, we plan to develop our programme of flights between Moscow and Saint Petersburg even further,' said Anton Yeremin, First Deputy Managing Director of the S7 Group. 'In the near future, we intend to bring the number of flights up to 4 a day, and to 6 on some days.'

In addition, the airline has begun expanding its links from Pulkovo Airport to other Russian cities. A new service, launching on 17 September, will link Saint Petersburg and Sochi. Since S7 already operates flights between Saint Petersburg and Perm and Novosibirsk, this means that the airline's network of flights from Pulkovo Airport will link 5 major Russian economic centres.

'Our plans include further integrating S7 Airlines' network of domestic flights (the largest in Russia) with the transit options afforded by Pulkovo Airport, the key air transport centre for the Northwest region,' said Mr Yeremin.

S7 Airlines is one of Russia's most innovative airlines, and makes use of the latest achievements in the industry in looking after its passengers and improving its services. S7 sells e-tickets for all its flights from Saint Petersburg. In addition, the airline allows passengers to buy tickets from its own website, Not only is this convenient, it also saves passengers money.

'The airline is convenient for any passenger,' said Mr Zlenko. 'We are sure that with the expansion of our cooperation we will manage to meet demand for international and regional carriage more effectively.'

You can find S7's flight timetable and fare rules, check seat availability and book tickets on S7’s official website,, or by calling (free from within Russia).

At S7, we are continuously improving our standards of service, updating our aircraft fleet, and making every effort to make travelling pleasant and memorable for our passengers. S7 Airlines is Russia’s largest domestic carrier and one of the world’s top 50 domestic airlines. In 2006, S7 made more than 40,000 flights, carrying 4,900,000 passengers and more than 28,000 tonnes of cargo and post. On 30 May, the S7 Group signed a contract for the supply of 15 long-haul Next-Generation Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft; it has the acknowledged right to purchase another 10 such aircraft under the same terms.

Pulkovo Airport is one of Russia's biggest and most rapidly developing air transport hubs, and is a major part of Saint Petersburg's transport infrastructure.

In the first half of 2007, Pulkovo Airport handled 2,546,311 passengers, a 17% increase on the figure for the equivalent period in 2006.

Today, 74 long-haul airlines, 120 Russian airlines and 26 airlines from other CIS countries operate regular and charter flights from Pulkovo Airport.

Pulkovo Airport's infrastructure includes an airfield with two runways, terminals for domestic and international passengers, a parking complex, a hotel and other facilities.

The terminals offer passengers everything they need: VIP rooms and business lounges, comfortable departure and arrivals lounges, and more than 100 retail and service outlets.

The high quality of the services provided by the airport is confirmed by its ISO 9001:2000 certificate and its awards for quality in international and Russian national competitions.