Presentation of Siberia Airlines in Kazan


The representatives of Siberia Airlines, headed by the company's General Representative in the Central region of Russia, Valery Kaukin, introduced the participants to the unique offers the company brings to the Tatar travel market. These programs include the «Business Trip» (for frequent Moscow visitors) and «Sunny Days» (for those planning a trip to the Russian southern resorts).
Especially interesting for the tour operators was a presentation made by Svetlana Antoshkina, Siberia Airlines travel director, who told them about the new travel products offered by the Siberia Airlines Moscow Travel Agency for the new season. Of equal interest was the information about free access to the resources of the ticket booking systems for the most popular travel destinations. The fact that tour operators of Tatarstan were among the first regional partners of the Siberia Airlines Moscow Travel Agency suggests favorable opportunities for this alliance.
On April 19, 96 passengers traveled from Kazan to Moscow on the first flight provided by Siberia Airlines. These passengers included several transit passengers, who took Siberia Airlines connecting flights from Moscow. Also on this flight, at the company's special invitation, were the representatives of several ticket agencies, who visited Domodedovo airport and the company's own hotel complex. They were able to see firsthand the high quality of the services provided by Siberia Airlines.