Regular Boeing 737 flights from Irkutsk for the first time


The company's specialists have been working together with Irkutsk Airport to ensure the launch of this new type of Boeing 737 for the first time in Irkutsk. Flight and technical personnel, as well as flight attendants (all of whom are from Irkutsk) have already been trained on using this aircraft in leading air centers.

The Boeing 737-500 is designed to carry 104 passengers — 8 in business class and 96 in economy. The Boeing 737-500 is notable for its spacious salon, large seats, and spacious baggage compartments, all of which ensure a comfortable flight. The aircraft has been repainted in the colors of the new company brand. The S7 Airlines fleet currently contains ten such aircraft.

«Thanks to the move to this new generation technology we are assured of the rapid growth of the S7 route network from Irkutsk, which is one of the major hubs for our company,» said Alexander Zyubr, director of S7 Airlines' East Siberian branch. There are currently regular flights from Irkutsk to 14 destinations.

All S7's Boeing 737-500s are equipped with CFM56-7 engines made by CFMI, a joint venture between General Electric (United States) and Snecma (France). The high fuel efficiency of the aircraft and relatively small capacity makes it idea for short- and medium-haul flights, including those with low passenger numbers.

The Boeing 737-500 is the newest model in the «classic» Boeing 737 range (300/400/500), which was produced between 1990 and 1999. The aircraft taken on S7 lease were produced in 1992 and 1993. According to the magazine MRO Managеment, there were 386 operational Boeing 737-500s in the word in 2005.

You can find a flight timetable, check availability and book tickets on our official site at In 2005, S7 airlines became the first Russian airline to offer online ticket sales.