Regular S7 flights from Yakutsk on Airbus 310


The wide-fuselage Airbus 310 has a higher capacity than the Tu-154 (from 205 to 255 seats in economy and business classes), and a higher level of comfort. It’s wide cabin makes the A310 the most comfortable and widely used model in the range of 200-seater aircraft. It is also very economical. It is also good for cargo transfers, as it is able to be loaded with standard cargo containers. It is best used on long-haul flights, although it is also good for medium-distance.

You can find a flight timetable, check availability and book tickets on our official site at, or by calling (free within Russia). In 2005, S7 airlines became the first Russian airline to offer online ticket sales.

Over the last five years, the company has flown more passengers on internal Russian flights than any other airline. In 2005, more than 4.2 million passengers travelled with the company. At the start of this year, the carrier also became the top airline for cargo transfer within Russia.

S7 Airlines is a registered trademark of Siberia Airlines.