Results of Siberia Airlines activity during six months of 2003


Number of flights of Siberia Airlines for the first half year increased in 12% in comparison with the first six months of 2002 year. 7 new flights appeared in the regular schedule of Siberia Airlines, that was not last year, they are: from Moscow — to Dusseldorf, Tbilisi, Nizhny Novgorod; from Novosibirsk — to Surgut, Mineralnye Vody and Rostov-On-Don; from Irkutsk — to Saint-Petersburg. Percentage of seat occupancy on flights of Siberia Airlines made up 76,6% and percentage of payload is 73,3% (in 2002 it was 71,1% and 68,6% correspondingly). Inland traffic made up 63% of the total amount of passengers conveyed, percent of international flights made up 37%. Percent of scheduled flights of the total volume of the work has been increased in 87,6%. The largest increase of passenger-traffic was on regular domestic routes. At that, SARS and war in Iraq negatively affected on international flights. Along with the growth of quantitative indicators, growth of work efficacy becomes evident as well. In January-June of 2003 in comparison with the same period of 2002 number of passengers conveyed, counting on one employee of the company, increased in 4%. Flight productivity increased in all types of aircrafts including TU-154M and it is 12,3%. In 2003 Siberia Airlines exploits fleet consisting of 47 planes: 12 planes IL-86, 21 planes TU-154M, 12 planes TU-154B and 2 planes TU-204, to operate flights according to summer schedule. In 2003 Siberia Airlines plans to convey in total 3 mln. 200 thousand passengers (against 2 mln. 694 thousand passengers conveyed last year). According to the information of Transport clearing organization, by the results of the first quarter of 2003 Siberia Airlines won the first place among Russian airlines in domestic passenger traffic and won the second place in international passenger traffic.