Results of "Siberia Airlines" work for ten months of 2002


In total, from January till October, 2002 "Siberia Airlines" executed 17 878 flights (36,2% more in comparison with the same period of 2001), by which it carried 2 383, 7 thousand passengers (44,6% more) and 16 457 cargo tons (40,0% more). Passenger turnover of the airline increased on 46,2% and made up 6755,5 mln. passenger-kilometers. At that, percentage of taken seats for the period under review made up 73,5%, and percentage of enplaned traffic made up 69,5%.
"Siberia Airlines" aircraft fleet up to the first of October 2002 pursuant to Air Operator Sertificate comprises 40 mainline aircrafts, including: 2 planes TU-204-100, 10 planes IL-86, 18 planes TU-154M, 10 planes TU-154B.
According to the balance of the work of nine months in 2002 pursuant to Transport Clearing Organization, "Siberia Airlines" comes second between Russian airlines, both according to number of carried passengers and to volume of work done. In addition, "Siberia Airlines" comes leading on volume of transportations on domestic air-lines.
In August 2002 pursuant to International Air Transport Association on results of 2002, "Siberia Airlines" for the first time became one of 50 world largest airlines by flow of traffic on domestic airlines.