Results of the first year of work of Siberia Airlines at Domodedovo international airport


On the very first day after transition Domodedovo airport has serviced 52 Siberia Airlines flights, including 34 scheduled and 18 charter flights. According to the summer schedule of 2002 Siberia Airlines performed on average about 140 scheduled flights a week from Moscow to 22 points of destination. Besides, in the context of Siberia Airlines charter program about 1000 flights have been planned to perform from Moscow. On the whole, volume of passengers conveyance from the airport has been increased in one third. Considering this fact, and also the fact that Siberia Airlines schedule has practically coincided with the existing flight schedule, the difficulties with which the partners have faced during the first stage, were expected. Nevertheless, by the end of 2002 Siberia Airlines flights regularity from Domodedovo entered the average world standard level and is showing now the growth trend during this spring period. Only in August-September period of 2002 because of the fires in Moscow region Siberia Airlines flights regularity, as regularity of the other companies, temporarily decreased (see the diagram).

Regularity of flights of Siberia Airlines from Domodedovo international airport (in percentage, nonregistering delays because of weather conditions)

Owing to some actions of the airline and to successful coordination of it with services of the airport it became possible to reach regularity of flights. Transferring all flights from two airports into one increased the effectiveness of airline’s air fleet use. There is a subdivision of mission control of Siberia Airlines in Domodedovo in which the special program of operational control FleetWatch starts from February; it helps to coordinate the work of company’s divisions. Line Station of Siberia Airlines servicing operates in Domodedovo and it provides online service and overhaul of air-motor fleet. The important component of the airline’s work as well as the airport’s work is servicing of transfer passengers. Route network of Siberia Airlines allows providing convenient joints of flights from tens of cities, at that, the largest part of transfer traffic flows of Siberia Airlines today passes through Domodedovo. High technical equipment and use of the latest technologies allow the airline together with the airport to provide high level of passengers servicing during the whole traveling. One of the important achievements in the program of service improving was a convenient communication between Domodedovo airport and Moscow. In May of 2002, as soon as the flights of Siberia Airlines were transferred to Domodedovo, they began free of charge conveyance of the airline’s passengers by comfortable buses «Mercedes» from the airport to «Domodedovskaya» metro station with 30 minutes interval. From July it became possible to perform astern. In August of 2002 «High-speed Transport System» (HTS) started, it connected «Domodedovo» with Paveletsky station of the capital. Passengers of Siberia Airlines got the opportunity to be registered for the flight and to check their baggage staying in the center of Moscow and during 40 minutes get the airport not entering into traffic jams. From the very first day of HTS operation this service became free of charge for passengers of Siberia Airlines. In total within the first year of cooperative work of Siberia Airlines with Domodedovo airport, Siberia Airlines performed more than 8100 dual flights. During this time the airport provided 2 mln. 250 thousand passengers with its service.