Russian airports get new S7 through check-in service


Thanks to collaboration between S7 and airports in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk and Kemerovo, new through check-in service technology has been installed at these airports for S7 transfer flight passengers with connections at Domodedovo and Tolmachevo Airports.

The new service lets passengers check in at their departure airport for all the flights on their route at once. As a result, they do not need to reclaim their baggage and check in for their connecting flight when they reach their transfer airport.

For the airline’s customers, the through check-in procedure is as follows: when they check in at their departure airport, they are given boarding cards for both flights. In the process, they can choose their seat on the connecting flight. On reaching the stopover airport, they can relax in the comfort of a special transfer passenger lounge while awaiting their connecting flight, which they board with their second boarding card. They do not need to queue to check in for the connecting flight or to reclaim their baggage and hand it over again.

“Like any network carrier, we have a high proportion of transfer passengers flying from one point of destination to another with a transfer at one of our hub airports,” says Maria Gorina, S7’s Deputy General Director for Passenger Relations. “Therefore, the capacity to offer this service is vitally important to us. A journey involving a transfer from one flight to another will now become simpler and more convenient for our passenger. The introduction of this service would be impossible without close cooperation with the airports, which, with our support, are having new technology installed.”

For example, by helping the airports implement automated check-in systems, the airline gets the chance to expand its range of passenger services, and to react quickly to glitches. The automated check-in process at these airports is another, necessary, step on the path to the introduction of electronic tickets. You can find a flight timetable, check seat availability and book tickets on S7’s official website,, or by calling (free from within Russia).