S7 Airlines Buys Two New Full Flight Trainers for Crew Training


The emergency rescue trainer of the A320 includes all types of emergency evacuations and full simulation of the passenger cabin with built-in kitchen and blocks of seats. The trainer allows for the simulation of various emergency situations, including smoke, fire, depressurization and other emergency situations.

The trainer for conducting emergency rescue training on the Boeing 737 NG is a section of the fuselage with built-in emergency exits as well as fully-equipped crew stations and passenger seats.

The trainers will be installed at the company’s own training center located near Domodedovo International Airport. Equipped with emergency ramps, the device will be installed at the level that corresponds to the height of a real aircraft.

The first trainer to be installed and launched in August 2008 is for the Boeing 737 NG. The trainer for the A320 is slated for installation in January 2009.

The trainers cost more than US$2m.

“The acquisition of the new trainers makes our center one of Russia’s leading centers for the training of pilots and flight attendants on the most popular types of foreign-made airplanes. The new trainers allow our crews to improve the drills of all the emergency rescue procedures,” said Oleg Vasiliev, Director of the Aviation Training Center.

S7 Airlines is the largest airline on Russia’s domestic routes and one of the world’s top 50 in this segment.

In 2007 the company received an official notification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) about the airline’s certification in that organization, becoming the second carrier in Russia to successfully pass the IATA Operational Safety Audit.

S7 Airlines is one of Russia’s most stable airlines, incorporating the latest achievements of the world industry in the servicing of passengers and actively expanding its service. S7 Airlines won the annual national “People’s Brand / Brand No. 1 in Russia” prize in 2007.

* On May 28, 2008, S7 Airlines announced the purchase of two new Full Flight Trainers for training pilots on the Airbus A320 family of airplanes.

In January 2008, a maintenance flight training device (M/FTD) for training crews on the Airbus A320 family of airplanes was launched at S7 Training.