S7 Airlines conducts negotiations with British Airways about joining the Oneworld alliance


Members of Oneworld alliance are interested in having a reliable partner in the Russian aviation market, which today is one of the most promising and rapid-growing markets. S7 Airlines can become such a partner, as it possesses a unique and the most developed route network in Russia which would provide passengers with flights to practically all regions of Russia through the main S7 traffic hubs in Moscow (Domodedovo), Novosibirsk and Irkutsk.

In its turn, joining one of the world’s leading air alliances will allow S7 Airlines to offer Russian passengers opportunities for flights to practically all countries of the world. Moreover, being an alliance member would provide an opportunity to learn from the experiences of the world’s leading airlines and provide access to the newest technologies for passenger air transport service.


”The very procedure of preparing to join the alliance includes the implementation of new standards into work techniques and increasing the level of passenger service”, mentions Vladislav Filyov - Siberia Airlines OJSC managing director. “And full membership of S7 in Oneworld will give our passengers a multitude of possibilities, they will be able to plan the most complex routes, receive general cumulative discounts and use attractive tariff plans”.

Today the Oneworld system amalgamates interests of airlines that joined it and services more than 700 airports in 150 countries. Airlines, which are alliance members, make about 9,000 flights each day, transport 315 million passengers each year and have a fleet of 2,500 aircraft. Yearly revenues of the group of carriers exceeds 90 billion USD.

S7 Airlines is an active member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) which systematically extends the geographic range of international flights. In the recent years intensive work has been conducted to reach agreements on “Interline” (on traffic document acknowledgement), code-sharing and special pro-rate agreements with other companies.

Today such agreements have been reached with more than 70 airlines, among which are many Oneworld alliance members: British Airways, JAL, Cathay Pacific Airways, Qantas Airways, Iberia, Malеv Hungarian Airlines.