S7 Airlines: Constantly Domodedovo’s Most Punctual Airline


Domodedovo Airport has announced the November results of its monthly ‘Most Punctual Airlines’ competition. Once again, the winner in Category 1 (major carriers) was S7 Airlines.

Since July 2006, the competition organisers put the airlines that operate the most flights from Domodedovo, and are thus core carriers for Russia’s busiest airport, in this category. Throughout that time, S7 Airlines has led in its category, for both the quantity of flights operated and flight punctuality.

‘As shown in practice, the fuller an airline’s flight schedule and the more transfer passengers there are on its flights, the harder it is to guarantee high flight punctuality,’ said Maria Gorina, S7’s Deputy General Director for Passenger Relations. ‘Our airline operates several times more flights from Domodedovo than any other carrier, and provides it passengers the highest number of connecting flights. It is therefore all the more pleasing that despite such a volume of flights we are also the leaders for punctuality —one of the most important aspects of quality of service— as well. Our leadership of the competition is a reflection the day-to-day work we do to improve flight punctuality.’

In the first 11 months of 2006, 3,894,000 passengers flew to or from Domodedovo with S7 —more than 27% of the airport’s total passenger traffic. S7 operates scheduled flights to almost 50 destinations from Domodedovo, plus many charter flights.