S7 Airlines Develops E-sales


    »  more convenient search of lower tariffs;
    »  possibility for full selection of tariffs;
    »  possibility to select transfer (connection) flights;
    »  indication of airway tickets total value;
    »  possibility to select points of airway tickets obtaining.

More Convenient Search of Low Tariffs

The search being possible only in terms of a specific date previously, nowadays an interval of two or six days from the specified date may be assigned. The low tariff for the given route will be indicated for each of such days. Therefore, travels planning at minimum prices have become yet more convenient.

Total Choice of Tariffs

Previously, there was no tariff selection possibility on the site. Nowadays, tickets may be purchased on the site over the entire range of PO-LE-TE-LI unique system of tariffs, which differ not by the price only, but by application conditions either (they may be found out by one click on the appropriate site reference).

For example, the return departure date is often unknown exactly in business trips. In such instance, it is possible now to buy a ticket on site for the most probable date at TEddy or LIndatariffs which allow reregistering the return date or flight departure time free of charge.

Transfer (Connection) Flights

There are transfer routes, i.e. flights having connection in an intermediate airport, having appeared on the site. For example, Novosibirsk — Moscow — Rostov-na-Donu route. Such flights are of interest in case there is no direct air communication between two cities. An important detail of such sales on the site is represented by mandatory availability of special transfer tariffs for each of directions offered. In other words, the transfer ticket would turn out to be cheaper than upon purchasing two different tickets (in our example, these are Novosibirsk — Moscow and Moscow — Rostov-na-Donu).

If both direct and connection flights are possible on any direction, the choice may be limited by direct flights only. For this purpose, it shall be required to put a note on the appropriate column in site sales block.

Ticket Full Value

At present time, when selecting a specific flight and departure date, the purchaser is at once informed about the full flight value including charges. No other charges are envisaged for the ticket in the airport or at cash offices.

Today, it is possible to pay for the ticket upon purchasing through the S7 Airlines site by cards of international payment systems — VISA and MasterCard* (save VISA Electron and MasterCard Electronic issued by some banks; please clarify the possibility of your card use for payment via internet in your bank). Additional payment methods — cards AmEx, JCB, Diners Club — shall be connected in the nearest future.

Point of Ticket Receipt

S7 Airlines has actively introduced e-ticket technologies during the entire year. This is the most up-to-date method of carriage handling widely used all over the world. If an airline uses an e-ticket on the route a passenger is flying, then it is not necessary to get it from cash offices after purchasing on the site (this represents one of e-ticket conveniences). It shall be enough just to print out the itinerary receipt that the passenger would receive to his/her email and arrive therewith to the airport for registration having only passport about him/herself.

If an e-ticket is not applied on the selected route due to such possibility absence in the airport, then it shall be required to receive an ordinary paper ticket after flight purchase and prior to the registration, having selected an available variant: ticket receipt in S7 Airlines city office or in S7 cash offices in the airport. In this respect, the passenger would obtain a voucher via email after purchasing indicating all necessary ticket data (date, flight, payment amount. etc.).

“Site purchase is time-saving. There is no need to go to, or leave for, cash offices, stay in queues or traffic jams, take into consideration cash offices working hours including lunch brakes. You can buy just what you select on the site. It is available day and night. You enjoy independent search and choice of flights and tariffs for your trip. Such opportunities were indeed inaccessible for Russian passengers just recently”, Andrej Yeriomin, S7 Group Deputy General Director notes.

In his turn, Andrej Cheremnykh SITA general manager in Russia and CIS countries states: “We are happy that S7 Airlines, being amongst 50 biggest world airlines in terms of carriages via internal air lines, and among first hundred in terms of key performance indicators, has made a decision to introduce one of our latest products — Airfare Shop. I am sure that the new decision would help not only preserving nowadays indicators of the airline on the same level, but increasing them significantly”.

“Dynamics of airway tickets sales volume on the site, as compared with the total number of sales, remains on a high level. While during the initial year (2005) of sales commencement in Internet, the number of passenger-segments sold amounted to 0.4% only of the total number, we have reached a 3.2% result in the next year already. And for the first 10 months of the current year, the share of sales via Internet has increased up to 6.3%”, Maxim Polukhin, S7 Airlines Sales Director tells.

Basic stages of development in e-sales of S7 Airlines carriages:

    »  February, 2005: S7 became the first Russian airline having launched airway tickets internet sales on their own site;
    »  October, 2006: S7 — the first Russian airline having offered special low tariffs for purchasing airway tickets via Internet. “Air Prices” marketing action, flight tariff — 300 Roubles;
    »  April, 2007: S7 — the first airline having begun the mass e-ticket introduction on the territory of Russia;
    »  November, 2007: S7 — the first Russian airline having offered a new system to their clients for airway tickets purchasing via Internet owing to Calendar Shopping technology.

* S7 values the reputation thereof and customers’ confidence, and the tickets sales system has been created and is maintained in accordance with the rules and orders of VISA and Master Card payment systems, as well as of certified processing center.

For the purpose of preventing an unauthorized access, non-stipulated personal data transfer to third parties or inappropriate use of customer information, as well as for preserving data accuracy, S7 Airlines has undertaken appropriate physical, electronic and administrative safety measures ensuring the effect of our Personal Data Protection Policy.