S7 Airlines Electronic Tickets Available on New Domestic and International Routes


Electronic tickets on the flights of these airlines are issued as part of bilateral interline agreements signed with S7 Airlines in mid-July 2008.

Interline agreements to mutually recognize paper airline tickets had previously been in effect between the airlines.

Interline agreements allow passengers of S7 Airlines to fly on other airlines on a single ticket printed out on S7 Airlines ticket blanks, or, in the case of electronic tickets, an S7 Airlines itinerary/receipt. In addition, interline travel gives passengers the additional possibility of using the most convenient connections with the flights of airlines participating in the agreement.

S7 Airlines is actively implementing electronic airline ticketing technology and gradually phasing out paper tickets. For example, as part of a bilateral interline agreement between S7 Airlines and Iberia Airlines (Spain), only electronic tickets are issued on the mutual flights of the two airlines.

S7 Airlines also continues to expand sales of e-tickets on new routes. On July 13, 2008 S7 Airlines started selling electronic tickets at the Russian airports of Magadan and Perm, and on July 19, 2008 at Tivat International Airport (Montenegro).

Currently S7 Airlines electronic tickets are valid in 33 Russian and 28 foreign cities .