S7 Airlines introduced its official brand-ambassadors


S7 Airlines introduced its official brand-ambassadors

S7 Airlines became the first Russian airline, which engaged its passengers as official brand-ambassadors.

Four outstanding personalities of art, cinema, music and social life became S7 Airlines brand-ambassadors, they regularly use S7 Airlines flights in their business and personal trips: film and theatre actress Ravshana Kurkova; choreographer, production director and producer Migel; journalist and TV presenter Sophiko Shevardnadze; musician, composer, producer, founder and leader of Therr Maitz Anton Belyaev. They all are famous in Russia, and their professional activity and personal interests are connected with cities and countries of the S7 Airlines flight map.

«S7 Airlines is constantly looking for new effective communication channels with passengers. The airline brand-ambassadors are not only our loyalty passengers, they are also trend testers, opinion leaders, who are widely known in this country. We decided to work together in order to inspire a lot of people to take wonderful trips with S7 Airlines», Tatiana Fileva, S7 Group Deputy General Director, noted.

S7 Airlines will be a reliable partner of brand-ambassadors in their personal and business trips. They will be able to use a wide route network, convenient schedule and other privileges of the airline’s own flights and code-share flights with other oneworld alliance member airlines.

In their turn brand-ambassadors will share their impressions about trips with S7 Airlines and tell their friends and fans about their favorite destinations and services.

Ravshana Kurkova

Film and theatre actress. Her filmography includes over 45 works. In 2015 the movie «About Love» directed by Anna Melikian, where Ravshana played a role, was awarded with the main prize of the Kinotavr festival. From 2015 she is an actress of the theatre «Praktika».

«S7 Airlines is a company-trend tester. First of all because it combines modern technologies and bright creative work. I guess, it is the reason, why there are so many people with a proactive approach to life, real travelers always in search of something among its frequent flyers».


production director, choreographer and producer. Migel’s biography includes work in musicals Metro and Notre-Dame de Paris. Director of lots of fashion shows, festivals, concerts, music videos of famous singers. Director of Russian and Ukrainian TV-shows («Odin v odin» [One to one] (Channel One Russia); «Hochu V VIA Gru» (NTV), «Universal Artist» (Channel One Russia); «Maidans» (Inter, Ukraine). Co-producer, choreographer, trainer and a member of the jury of the show «TANTSI» [Dances] on TNT.

«Trips are an integral part of my life as an artist. It is one of the ways to understand the world and your own self, it is an opportunity to meet like-minded persons in any place in Russia and in the world. I have been flying with S7 Airlines for a long time, and I feel that the company’s philosophy has much in common with my own».

Sophiko Shevardnadze

Journalist, TV presenter. From 2005 she has been working on the channel RussiaToday, where she has her own programme SophieCo, politicians, experts, activists and celebrities become guests of this programme.

«S7 has a wonderful slogan «Take care of your happiness». I believe, that in order to be successful, you should be happy. And in order to be happy, you should be yourself. Quite often it means to break bounds of ordinary things. To be courageous, not to be afraid to do something new and risky in order to know yourself and your happiness. This philosophy is very close to me».

Anton Belyaev

Musician, founder and leader of Therr Maitz, composer, producer

«I like the energetic design of S7 Airlines and creative approach of the airline to its advertizing campaigns and communication with its passengers».

Happy people know,

That happiness is a serious thing,

If you just sit and wait,

Maybe its route and our route will never cross.

You should take care of your happiness.

It’s the only way, how single people make couples,

It’s the only way, how engineers become senior engineers, 

And how fathers become grandfathers.

A sailor won’t catch the wind, if he doesn’t make a good sail.

A sheepdog won’t catch its tail, if it doesn’t chase it for some time.

You should look for your happiness.

On a slope in the Alps,

On a pier in Gagra,

Even in a glass of tomato juice at the 10 000 meter height.

It travels.

And it may be very close.

But to touch it, you should make a step towards it.

To meet with someone, whom you haven’t seen for a long time,

Or with someone, whom you have never seen before.

Not to complain of weather, but to choose it.

To eat something wondrous,

To do something undone,

To discover something remarkable.

Life is worth it.

Take care of your happiness!