S7 Airlines introduces a new summer uniform for it's flights attendants


S7 Airlines introduces a new summer uniform for it's flights attendants

S7 Airlines, a member of the oneworld® global aviation alliance, introduced a new summer uniform for the flight attendants on the 15 July, the bright turquoise outfits comprised the basis of the summer uniform.

In December 2012 the image of the flight attendants of S7 Airlines drastically changed. The strict dark grey suit jackets were replaced by the ladylike crimson jackets — the main component of the winter uniform. As envisioned by the designers such bright color for that time of season helped the crew to create a welcoming atmosphere aboard.

The concept of the winter and summer uniform was developed by the group of designers of Rusmoda (Russia). The stewardesses of the airlines liked that classic feminine style, so the designers kept it while developing the summer version of the uniform.

«Just the same as the last time, we complied with the desire of the representatives of the airlines to create very vivid and memorable, but at the same time ladylike and feminine look. Despite the contrast basic color of the uniform, the connection may be clearly seen in comparison to the winter version. While developing the outfit we kept the general mood as well as the fit of the garments. Recognizable polka dot blouses are now made in short-sleeve versions. Practical dresses that were so much to the stewardesses’ liking are now manufactured from the light fabric. », - the designers noted.

One of the essential tasks for the designers has been the choice of materials and fabric. It is crucial that the material should be breathable and wear resistant at the same time. The outfits should not hinder the movements but allow to move along the cabin freely. The important items of the uniform as well as before are head-dresses in which the flight attendants are welcoming the passengers aboard. The head-dresses also are made from lighted turquoise material.

The ultimate green color of the S7 Airlines brand is kept in the neckties (for men) and in light air bowknots (for women); these accessories and color are largely associated with the summer mood. The woman uniform kit comprises 14 items, allowing the stewardesses to combine items and create the most suitable look for their body shape and mood: they may wear dress or combine the turquoise skirt or grey trousers with white blouse and jacket. Man kit includes 8 items.

S7 Airlines (a brand of Siberia Airlines, www.s7.ru) is a member of the oneworld® global aviation alliance.

The airline has the widest internal route network in Russia, created on the basis of air transport hubs at Moscow (Domodedovo) and Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo). S7 Airlines also performs regular flights to countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, the Near East, South Asia and countries of the Asia Pacific region.

In 2007 the company received an official IATA Notice of Record into the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit), becoming the second air carrier in Russia to have successfully passed the full international audit procedure for compliance with these operational safety standards.

S7 Airlines is one of the most stable airline companies in Russia thanks to the use of the latest advances in the international passenger services field, and active development of its own services.

S7 Airlines was the winner of the Wings of Russia 2010 Award in the ‘Business Project in Civil Aviation of Russia’ category. S7 Airlines has also been winner of the annual People's Brand/Brand No. 1 in Russia award.

S7 Airlines currently owns one of the newest and most modern aircraft fleets on the Russian air transportation market.

The airline is part of the S7 Group.