S7 Airlines is having an Autumn Sale


The most attractive tariffs will be offered for flights from Moscow to Kazan and St. Petersburg — only 300 rubles, to Perm, Ufa, and Samara — only 900 rubles. And 990 ruble tariffs will be available for passengers that fly from Moscow to Rostov-on-the-Don, from Perm to Novosibirsk, from Samara to Sochi, and from Khabarovsk to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. [These rates are for one-way flights only and are exclusive of all taxes].

The flights, using tickets that were purchased during this sale, can be taken from September 17 of this year until March 29, 2008, excluding the period from December 21 to January 13. The quantity of available seats at these prices is limited. Seats may not be available for all flights or for all dates.

A change of flight destination as well as refunds for the cost of these flight tickets are not allowed, however unused fixed-rate tickets can be refunded. A change in departure dates is possible only with the re-registration of the flight ticket and with an additional payment to cover the higher rate and on condition this is done before the scheduled departure date. In case the passenger cancels the flight ticket less than 40 minutes prior to the departure time specified on the ticket, or after the flight has left, a penalty of 20 Euros for every flight segment must be paid. The full list of tariffs and conditions is published on the airline company’s website and can be found on the S7 Special Offers page.

You can find the exact flight schedule, tariff usage rules and available seats for specific flights, as well as purchase tickets on the airline’s website www.s7.ru or call (toll free calls within Russia).

S7 Airlines constantly raises its level of service, updates its existing fleet of aircraft and makes every effort to make each flight a pleasant and memorable experience. S7 Airlines is the largest airline on Russian domestic air routes and is in the world’s ТОР-50 air-transport carriers in this category. In 2006 S7 Airlines made over 40 thousand flights, in which 4.9 million passengers and 28 thousand tons of cargo and mail were transported.