S7 Airlines Launches SMS Flight Status Notification Service


To use the service, first visit the website www.S7.ru well in advance of the flight and choose the Departure/Arrival tab on the main page. Then do a search for your flight by city, route or flight number.

When the list appears, click on the blue airplane icon next to your flight number.

In the window that opens up you can subscribe to information on the status of the flight by SMS or electronic mail.

To subscribe by mobile phone, send an SMS message with the indicated code to the number 5666. The format of the code is: S7XXXXXXEDDMM. This is actually a cipher, and the algorithm used to create it is simple:

    »  XXXXXX is the flight number, for example, S70027 is an S7 Airlines flight and GH0027 is a Globus Airlines flight.
    »  E the language of the SMS message (in this case, English). R is Russian, D is German.
    »  DDMM means day and month of the flight according to the schedule.

Thus, you don’t have to visit the company’s website to subscribe to the notification. You can do it directly from your mobile phone if you know the flight number.

The SMS notification service is not free of charge. The price of an outgoing SMS message depends on the service provider.* The payment is debited from the mobile phone account just once and doesn’t depend on the number of SMS messages that you receive.

SMS notifications may contain the following information depending on the flight status:

    »  Flight XXXXXX landed on (date, time, city)
    »  Flight XXXXXX was cancelled
    »  Flight XXXXXX was delayed (date, time)
    »  Flight XXXXXX departed from (city) on (date, time)
    »  Flight XXXXXX is scheduled to depart according to schedule from (city)

The flight status notification can also be sent by email free of charge. You will be prompted for your email address when you fill out the subscription.

S7 Airlines is actively developing new services that are available on our website. In November 2008 we began accepting payments through the Yandex.Money system.

*Price of the service (not including VAT) and list of operators:

    »  27.72 rubles for subscribers of fixed-line networks
    »  28.41 rubles for subscribers of MTS, Bee Line, Tele2, NTK
    »  29.70 rubles for subscribers of Megafon, SMARTS, Yaroslavl GSM, UTEL, STeK GSM, BaikalVestKom, YeTK, Skylink, Ulyanovsk GSM, Astrakhan GSM, Motiv, Orenburg GSM, Volgograd GSM, Penza GSM