S7 Airlines offers direct flights between Moscow and Vladivostok


S7 Airlines flight schedule for Moscow-Vladivostok:

DirectionFlight numberDeparture timeArrival timeDay of the weekAircraft typePeriod
Moscow-Vladivostok S7-107 21:30 13:05+ 12___6_ A310 22.12.07-29.12.07
Moscow-Vladivostok S7-107 19:40 13:10+ 12___6_ A310 08.01.08-16.02.08
Moscow-Vladivostok S7-107 21:30 13:05+ 12___6_ A310 18.02.08-25.03.08
Vladivostok-Moscow S7-108 15:30 17:40 _23___7 A310 22.12.07-29.12.07
Vladivostok-Moscow S7-108 16:30 19:40 _23___7 A310 19.01.08-17.02.08
Vladivostok-Moscow S7-108 15:30 17:40 _23___7 A310 19.02.08-26.03.08

The timetable is commercial; changes are possible.

The launch of non-stop flights from Moscow to Vladivostok was made possible thanks to our successful expansion of cooperation with Vladivostok Aviation, which began last spring, when the first code-sharing agreements were signed on the routes from Vladivostok, Irkutsk and Sochi to Moscow.

New code-sharing agreements also took effect from the beginning of winter 2007-2008, and passengers of S7 and Vladivostok Aviation now have additional opportunities to fly from Vladivostok to Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The two airlines currently have an interline agreement for electronic tickets.

“It’s important for residents of the Far East and Primorye to have reliable and affordable air service to and from the European part of Russia,” notes Alexander Zyubr, General Representative of S7 Airlines in the Eastern region. “Uniting the capabilities of the two airlines will make it possible to offer passengers a greatly expanded list of destinations at affordable prices and the ability to select the destination airport in Moscow.”

In September 2007, S7 Airlines received an official notification of the IATA about the airline’s inclusion in the registry of operators of the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) and became the second airline in Russia to successfully complete the full procedure of the international audit for conformity with the respective safety standards. The airline’s inclusion in the registry of operators who have completed IOSA is recognition of S7 Airlines in the world aviation community as a safe carrier that meets the strictest international requirements.

S7 Airlines is one of Russia’s most stable airlines. It actively uses the latest achievements of the world aviation industry in the servicing of passengers and is actively expanding its services. This year, S7 Airlines actively worked to implement the most modern—and abroad, the most popular—ticketing method in the Russian Federation electronic ticket technology. This technology is available on all S7 Airlines flights from Vladivostok. When purchasing tickets on the website, simply print out the itinerary that is sent by electronic mail, and present it along with your passport at the airport check-in counter.

In November of this year, S7 Airlines upgraded its website by integrating it with the SITA Airfare Shop system. This latest upgrade substantially simplifies ticket purchases over the Internet. The main new features are:

    »  more convenient search of the lowest fares;
    »  the ability to choose from a full selection of fares;
    »  the possibility of choosing connecting flights;
    »  indication of the full price of the tickets;
    »  the possibility of choosing where to receive the tickets.

You can find out the precise flight schedule, rules governing fares, and the availability of seats on a specific flight, as well as purchase tickets on our website: www.S7.ru or by telephone (toll-free in Russia).

* - web-fare not counting fixed rates and fees, available only for purchase on the S7 Airlines website.