S7 Airlines presents Tu-154 to Tolmachevo Museum of Aviation History


S7 Airlines presents Tu-154 to Tolmachevo Museum of Aviation History

S7 Airlines has presented a Tu-154 aircraft, which had been operated by the company until 2008, to the Tolmachevo Museum of Aviation History. The grand opening of the aircraft monument was held today at Novosibirsk Airport.

The decision to commemorate one of the most popular passenger jetliners in the history of Russian civil aviation was made by S7 Airlines and Tolmachevo Airport in a special year for the two enterprises:  the 20th anniversary of S7 Airlines, and the 55th anniversary of Tolmachevo.  In addition, February 2012 saw the 40th anniversary of the first regular passenger flight made on a TU-154.

A whole range of works have been carried out at Tolmachevo Airport, including restoration of the Tu-154, setting up of the monument site in the No. 2 checkpointarea, and landscaping of the adjacent territory. More than ten pieces of equipment and over fifty specialists were engaged in the preparation and installation of this exhibit. Now the aircraft will welcome and see off the passengers and guests of the airport.

"Tolmachevo Airport is the base of S7 Airlines, and for many years of cooperation the airport has proven to be a trustworthy and responsible partner.  We have a very close relationship — it was the Tolmachevo United Air Group that stood at the origin of civil aviation development in Novosibirsk. The Tu-154 is associated with thousands of pilots, flight attendants and engineering specialists of our company", Vyacheslav Novikov, S7 Airlines General Representative at Tolmachevo Airport, noted.

"This is the first exhibit of the Tolmachevo Museum of Aviation History that we are creating for our children, veterans, passengers and airport guests. We are also planning to place an IL-86 on display, which will house an exhibition located in the cockpit and a restored part of the passenger cabin, with photo and document stands and evidence of Tolmachevo’shistory and recent past", Evgeny Yankilevich, Director General of Tolmachevo Airport, said.

Tu-154M RA-85628 was manufactured on 12th September 1989 by the Kuibyshev aircraft factory (Aviakor Aircraft Factory, Samara City). It was initially operated byVnukovo United Air Group under the assigned number CCCP-85628, then later byVnukovo Airlines under the State Register number RA-85628. From 2001 it served the Siberia Airlines route network until its decommissioning in 2008. During the second overhaul repair in 2004 it was painted in the then current livery of Siberia Airlines — a white hull with dark and light-blue tail fin with a «SIBERIA« logo.

The aircrafthad clearance for flights to European countries and was equipped with a traffic alert and collision avoidance system, a ground proximity warning system and an emergency oxygen system. For its period of operation more than 12 thousand flights were made on this aircraft, while it spent a total of around 35 thousand hours airborne.

S7 Airlines (the brand of Siberia Airlines, www.s7.ru) is a member of the oneworld® global aviation alliance.

The airline has the widest domestic route network in Russia, created on the basis of four air transport hubs at Moscow (Domodedovo), Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo) and Irkutsk. S7 Airlines also performs regular flights to countries of the CIS, Europe, the Near East, South Asia and countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2007 the company received an official IATA certificate as an IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) operator, becoming the second air carrier in Russia to have successfully passed the full international audit procedure for compliance with operational safety standards.

S7 Airlines is one of the most reliable airlines in Russia thanks to its useof the latest advancements in the international passenger services field, and active development of its own services.

S7 Airlines was the winner of the Wings of Russia 2010 Award in the «Russian Civil Aviation Business Project»category.  S7 Airlines was also the winner of the annual «People's Brand/ Brand No. 1 in Russia» award.

S7 Airlines operates the most modern and one of the newest aircraft fleets on the Russian air transport market.

The airline is part the S7 Group.