S7 Airlines reduced fare tickets for new destinations


S7 Airlines reduced fare tickets for new destinations

S7 Airlines has opened the sales of reduced fare tickets for flights from Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Yakutsk to Novosibirsk and vice versa.

The prices of a one way tickets are:

  • Vladivostok - Novosibirsk — 5 900 roubles;
  • Khabarovsk - Novosibirsk — 5 700 roubles;
  • Yakutsk - Novosibirsk — 5 500 roubles.

The reduced fare tickets of S7 Airlines are offered within the state programme for provision of affordable tickets to passengers from the Far East on flights to the European part of the country and in the opposite direction. Flights at reduced fares will be available until 31 October 2014.

We would like to remind you, that S7 Airlines also offers flights at special fares1 in the economy class on six routes: Yakutsk — Moscow, Ulan-Ude — Moscow, Chita — Moscow, Norilsk — Moscow, Gorno-Altaysk — Moscow, Vladivostok — Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and in the opposite directions.

The special fares are valid for citizens of the Russian Federation up to 22 years of age inclusive as well as for women older than 55 and men older than 60. The reduced fare tickets are also available to disabled persons of the first group without any limit as to their age.2

Additionally, the airline sells reduced fare tickets on the route Moscow — Kaliningrad — Moscow.3 Any citizens of the Russian Federation without any age limit are eligible for these reduced fare flights.

The reduced fare tickets are only sold at the own sales offices of the airline or its agents. You can get more information by calling the S7 Airlines contact centre on (free within Russia).

S7 Airlines (a brand of Siberia Airlines, www.s7.ru) is a member of the oneworld® global aviation alliance.

The airline has the widest internal route network in Russia, created on the basis of air transport hubs at Moscow (Domodedovo) and Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo). S7 Airlines also performs regular flights to countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, the Near East, South Asia and countries of the Asia Pacific region.

In 2007 the company received an official IATA Notice of Record into the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit), becoming the second air carrier in Russia to have successfully passed the full international audit procedure for compliance with these operational safety standards.

S7 Airlines is one of the most stable airline companies in Russia thanks to the use of the latest advances in the international passenger services field, and active development of its own services.

S7 Airlines was the winner of the Wings of Russia 2010 Award in the ‘Business Project in Civil Aviation of Russia’ category. S7 Airlines has also been winner of the annual People's Brand/Brand No. 1 in Russia award.

S7 Airlines currently owns one of the newest and most modern aircraft fleets on the Russian air transportation market.

The airline is part of the S7 Group. In 2013 the group member airlines carried more than 9.238 million passengers.

1 The prices of a one way ticket are:

  • Yakutsk — Moscow, Moscow — Yakutsk — 7000 roubles
  • Ulan-Ude — Moscow, Moscow — Ulan-Ude — 6 200 roubles,
  • Chita — Moscow, Moscow — Chita — 6 200 roubles,
  • Norilsk — Moscow, Moscow — Norilsk — 4300 roubles.
  • Gorno-Altaysk — Moscow, Moscow — Gorno-Altaysk — 6 000 roubles,
  • Vladivostok — Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky — Vladivostok — 6 000 roubles.

No taxes or fees are charged.

2 The reduced fare is also available to a person accompanying a disabled person of the first group or a disabled child. 

3 The fare amount for a one way flight is 3800 roubles. No taxes or fees are charged.