S7 Airlines running autumn air ticket sales event


Tickets for Russian domestic and international flights of S7 Airlines from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Kransoyarsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Ekaterinburg, including such to popular tourist destinations — Madrid, Alicante, Munich, Burgas, Tivat, Bangkok, Phuket, Beijing, Dubai, can be purchased under the “Three Weeks of Happiness” promo-action. The fares will be considerably lowered for the sales event period. Discounts for tickets for certain destinations reach as much as 47% of the minimum fare. For example, the cost of one way flight net of taxes on the following itineraries will be:

  • Moscow — Sochi — 2200 roubles,
  • Moscow — Munich or Moscow — Frankfurt-on-Main — 75 Euro,
  • Novosibirsk — Bangkok — 255 Euro,
  • Irkutsk — Beijing — 140 Euro,
  • Irkutsk — Bangkok — 235 Euro,
  • Krasnoyarsk — Bangkok — 220 Euro.

The details of the promo-action will be available in the Special Offers section at www.s7.ru beginning from August 25.

Air tickets under the sales event may be purchased at the www.s7.ru website, the mobile s7.ru website and at any sales office. You can also get accurate flight information, book and buy tickets by dialing the call centre of the company at (free for Russia).