S7 Airlines Shows Increase in All Key Indicators for First Quarter of 2008


S7 Airlines’ Production indicators for March 2008:

IndicatorsUnits of measurementMarch 2007March 2008Growth rate 07/08 Passengers transported (regular + charter) People 318,569 441,662 39% Including on international routes People 113,056 140,067 24% Including on domestic routes People 205,513 301,595 53% Passenger transport Millions of passenger-km 798.9 1,090.9 37% Cargo + mail Metric tons 2,418.7 3,626.6 50% Including on international routes Metric tons 281.9 359 27% Including on domestic routes Metric tons 2,136.8 3,267.5 65% Cargo transport Thousands of metric ton-km. 78,521 108,899 39% Occupancy rate % 75.0 77.9 +2.9 percentage points Commercial fill percentage % 69.5 73.3 +3.8 percentage points

The increase in the indicators is associated with the opening of the following new regular flights in the second half of 2007: Moscow-St. Petersburg, Moscow-Ufa, Moscow-Khabarovsk, Moscow-Chisinau (Moldova), Moscow-Nadym and others, as well as with the increase in the number of flights on the routes: Moscow-Krasnodar, Moscow-Novosibirsk, Moscow-Samara, Omsk-Moscow, Moscow-Kazan and others. An increase in transport on the tourism routes Moscow-Hurghada (Egypt), Moscow-Rimini (Italy) was also observed in the first quarter of 2008.

S7 Airlines completed 31% more flights during the January-March 2008 period than during the same period of last year.

S7 Airlines is the largest airline on Russia’s domestic market and is one of the world’s top 50 in this segment.

In 2007 the company received an official notification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) about the airline’s certification in that organization, becoming the second carrier in Russia to successfully pass the IATA Operational Safety Audit .

S7 Airlines is one of Russia’s most stable airlines, incorporating the latest achievements of the world industry in the servicing of passengers and actively expanding its service. S7 Airlines won the annual national “People’s Brand /Brand No. 1 in Russia” Prize in 2007.