S7 Airlines signed partnership agreements on electronic tickets


These agreements help to carry out mutual sale of electronic tickets for all flights of these airlines and S7 Airlines.

The previous interline agreements with these carriers included the sale of paper tickets only. Now 7 Airlines’ passengers can buy е-tickets for the flights of already21 Russian and foreign airlines..

Interline transportation allows passengers to use the most convenient connection flights of the airlines-partners of the agreements. When a passenger with an e-ticket buys a ticket for a connection flight, the information about him or her comes to the databases of all airlines which take part in the carriage.

> S7 Airlines is Russia’s largest domestic airline and one of the world’s top 50 airlines in this segment.

In 2007 the company received an official notification from the IATA about the inclusion of the airline in the registry of operators of IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) and became Russia’s second airline to successfully pass the full procedure of the international audit for conformity to operating safety standards..

S7 Airlines is one of Russia’s most stable airlines. It actively uses the latest achievements of the industry worldwide in the servicing of passengers and is actively expanding its service.