S7 Airlines starts selling tickets to direct flight Moscow - Khabarovsk


Flight schedule on line Moscow-Khabarovsk as from 28.10.2007:

DirectionFlight numberTime of departureTime of arrivalWeekdaysType of ВСPeriod
Moscow — Khabarovsk S7-111 20:00 10:30+ __3_5_7 А310 28.10.07-29.03.08
Khararovsk — Moscow S7-112 12:30 14:00 1__4_6_ А310 28.10.07-29.03.07

Commercial schedule, subject to change

New flights will be particularly of advantage for passengers going on long trips via Moscow. S7 Airlines performs flights to more than 70 cities in Russia and over the world from Domodedovo airport, serving more than 50 international flights to CIS, Europe and Asia. Passengers are offered special transfer fares on most of transit routes. Moreover, passengers can continue their flight with S7 Airlines partners, which include more than 80 biggest air carriers of the world.

Tickets for new S7 flights between Moscow and Khabarovsk are now available. Minimum one-way and two-way rates are 8500 and 17000 rubles, respectively [taxes and fees not included].

Our special one-way rate* when ordering online on our website www.s7.ru - equals 5000 rubles [taxes and fees are 1085 rubles].

For business class passengers, flying internal S7 airlines from Khabarovsk via Moscow or Novosibirsk, we have S7 Airlines business halls, where they can beguile time with comfort in expectation of connecting flight, meet business partners or rest in pleasant surroundings. Business hall entry for economy class passengers is optional at extra cost.

S7 Airlines sales office in Khabarovsk is located on 72 Lenina st., phone: +7 (4212) 40-08-07. Also, one may purchase or exchange tickets at Khabarovsk airport in S7 Airlines booking office (2nd floor, office №12, phone: +7 (4212) 39-25-97).

S7 Airlines constantly raises its level of service, updates its existing fleet of aircraft and makes every effort to make each flight a pleasant and memorable experience. S7 Airlines is the largest airline on Russian domestic air routes and is in the world’s ТОР-50 air-transport carriers in this category. In 2006 S7 Airlines made over 40 thousand flights, in which 4.9 million passengers and 28 thousand tons of cargo and mail were transported. In 2007 the S7 group of companies signed several major contracts with the world’s leading manufactures of passenger aircraft technologies, Boeing and Airbus for the purchase of new airplanes and thus became the first Russian buyer of the latest modern aircraft the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

* - Web Tariff not including taxes and duties, available for purchase only on the S7 Airlines website.