S7 Airlines Summer Timetable


This year, Chelyabinsk has been added to the S7 hub airports of Moscow, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk. There will be flights from Chelyabinsk to St. Petersburg, Sochi, Anapa, Yerevan (Armenia), Khudzhand and Dushanbe (both Tajikistan).

There will be 47 scheduled routes from Moscow. New routes include a daily flight to Perm (on a Boeing 737), and weekly flights to Osh (Kyrgyzstan), Urgench (Uzbekistan) and Pavlodar (Kazakhstan). In addition to the daily evening flight to Samara that opened at the end of winter, there will also be a morning flight on weekdays. Second daily flights will also begin to Volgograd, while a fourth daily flight has been added to Rostov-On-Don. In addition to the afternoon flight to Munich (Germany) there will be a summer flight on weekday mornings. Flights will be resumed to Murmansk, and will use Boeing 737 aircraft.

The network from Novosibirsk consists of 30 cities. As well as the traditional routes, a new flight has opened on the route Novosibirsk-Irkutsk-Magadan. Flights to China are more frequent, with five weekly flights to Beijing and two to Urumqi. On some days, a fifth daily flight between Novosibirsk and Moscow has been added.

From Irkutsk there will be scheduled flights to 14 destinations. Here there is also an increased number of flights to China (Beijing, Shenyan, Dalian) with up to seven flights per week. In summer there will be a daily evening flight to Moscow, on an Airbus 310, which will be in additional to the existing morning flight.

From other Siberian towns (Omsk, Tomsk, Kemerevo, Novokuznetsk) there will be the traditional seasonal flights to the resort towns of the south of Russia. From Omsk there will also be flights to Hanover (Germany).

As well as the scheduled flights, there will also be charter flights from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk and Omsk to popular resorts in Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Bulgaria and other countries.

Many routes will use Western planes, the number of which has increased over the last year. Altogether, the summer timetable will involve 20 Boeing 737 and Airbus 310 aircraft.

You can find out more about S7 Airlines, check the timetable and route network on the company’s website at www.s7.ru.

S7 Airlines is a registered trademark of Siberia Airlines