S7 Airlines takes delivery of a new Boeing 737-800NG painted in the livery of oneworld


S7 Airlines joined oneworld in November 2010. As part of its standard membership requirements, all the alliance’s member airlines must decorate a portion of their aircraft fleet in the standard oneworld livery.

In line with this, the new Boeing 737-800NG carries the label “Member of oneworld” against a white background across its fuselage with the S7 Airlines alongside it, with the standard S7 tailfin.

“Becoming a part of oneworld was a serious step forward for S7 Airlines. According to the results of the first quarter 2011, the number of S7 Airlines transfer passengers on oneworld partners’ flights has more than doubled. In co-operation with our partners we give more opportunities to our passengers, providing access to a larger route network and a great number of the best business lounges at airports all over the world. All of oneworld members have the aircrafts painted in the livery of alliance in its fleets. The common brand is a reflection of high passenger service standards”, said Vadim Besperstov, S7 Airlines Strategic Development Director.

The aircraft was greeted at Domodedovo Airport with water salutes of criss-cross water streams from fire-fighting vehicles.

The new Boeing 737-800NG is based at Moscow Domodedovo Airport and operates flights to Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Sochi, Krasnodar, Norilsk, Yakutsk, Ulan-Ude and other cities of the S7 Airlines route network. It will be operated by S7 affiliate Globus Airline (flights are operated under the S7 Airlines brand) under lease**


The aircraft is designed to carry 160 passengers — 12 in the business class and 148 in the economy class. The cabin features the modern Recaro seats, which make flying as much comfortable as it can be.

S7 Airlines currently has one of the most modern and youngest fleets in Russia. Airline operates aircrafts from the leading manufacturers Airbus and Boeing. S7 Airlines’ fleet consists of 42 airplanes—20 Airbus A319s, 9 Airbus A320s, one Airbus A310, two long-range Boeing 767-300s, four Boeing 737-400s and six Boeing 737-800NGs.


* Aircraft length - 39,5 m, flight speed — 850 km/h, maximum range — 5665 km. The aircraft is equipped with CFM56-7 engines, maximum takeoff weight - 79,010 tons. Boeing 737 Next Generation family are modern aircrafts with improved characteristics compared with previous modifications. They have an extended range and greater carrying capacity. The winglets of the Next-Generation 737-800 reduce fuel consumption due to lower thrust during cruising, and as a consequence optimize engine maintenance costs and reduce harmful emissions.


** Leasing company Cramington Aviation Limited.