S7 Airlines: The new brand’s first year in the airline industry


In its first year of operations, S7 Airlines has become a recognized brand that has made a name for itself and is continuing to grow successfully. Many people have had the chance to appreciate its bright aircraft livery —revolutionary for the Russian airline industry— and the new design of the airline’s own business lounges and ticket offices.

The unorthodox approach to launching the new brand did not go unnoticed by experts or ordinary passengers. S7’s national advertising campaign in spring last year attracted a large number of extremely positive comments. The airline ran a nationwide creative competition, in which thousands of people answered the question ‘What does S7 mean?’, which made it possible to get its target audience emotionally involved in its change of image. The competition winner received an S7 open return ticket valid for a year.

The development of the new brand has involved not only a fresh visual image and a new name, but also serious changes to all aspects of the airline’s operations, including staff motivation and passenger relations.

‘At the moment, the objectives of making the services provided under the S7 brand name more attractive and competitive, consolidating its leading position in the market, and satisfying our passengers’ demands are greater priorities than the objective of the first stage —to increase awareness of the new brand among its target audiences,’ notes Stanislav Cherkasov, S7’s Marketing Director.