S7 Airlines to extend its footprint in the Mineralnye Vody area of Caucasus


S7 Airlines flights schedule in Mineralnye Vody:

DirectionFlight numberDeparTure timeArrival timeWeekdaysAircraft typePeriod
Moscow — Mineralnye Vody S7-1215 07:25 09:35 1_3___7 Тu-154 02.12.07-29.03.08
Moscow — Mineralnye Vody S7-1213 12:50 15:00 1234567 Тu-154 28.10.07-29.03.08
Mineralnye Vody — Moscow S7-1216 11:05 13:25 1_3___7 Тu-154 02.12.07-29.03.08
Mineralnye Vody — Moscow S7-1214 16:30 18:50 1234567 Тu-154 28.10.07-29.03.08

This is a commercial schedule. Changes are possible.

It shall be possible to learn exact flight schedule, tariff application rules and availability of seats for a specific flights, as well as to purchase tickets at airline site or by telephone (free of charge Russian call).

We give to our passengers’ service the modern and comfortable S7 Airlines’ own business halls in the following airports: Domodedovo (Moscow) and Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk), Russian widest route network, flights to CIS countries as well as to the far abroad with advantageous transfer tariffs and comfortable flight “splicing”.

In September 2007 S7 Airlines received the official notification IATA stating that the company was enlisted in the operators’ register IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) thus becoming the second Russian airline company that successfully passed the whole international exploitation safety standard audit process. The inclusion into IOSA operators’ register means that S7 Airlines is recognized by the world’s aviation community as a safe transporter that fits the most strict international standards.

This November S7 Airlines’ site sales system has got its further development; SITA Airfare Shop System was successfully introduced. This immediate renewal allowed significant simplifications to be made within flight purchase made with the help of the Internet. The main innovations are:

    »  a more convenient lower tariff search;
    »  the full tariff selection possibility;
    »  the possibility to select transfer (“junction”) flights;
    »  tickets overall value indication;
    »  the possibility to select the place of receiving the tickets.

In 2007 S7 Airlines continued its 7 year aircraft renewal program realization. Several large purchase contracts were concluded with the world’s best civil aviation producers (which are Boeing and Airbus) in the framework of this program :

    »  25 Airbus А320, delivery begins in 2009;
    »  10 Boeing 737-800, delivery begins in 2010;
    »  15 Boeing 787 Dreamliner, delivery begins in 2014 (the aviation company will become the first one in Russia to use these most modern planes).

Operational leasing contracts were also concluded with ILFC company for 4 new Airbus А320 planes (delivery begins in the beginning of 2008) and with leasing company Cramington for 9 Airbus А319 planes. The first four planes of this A319 consignment have been delivered to the aviation company and have already begun making their commercial flights.

* - web fare without taxes and duties is available for purchase only at Airlines site.

Photo: Anton Ivanenko PhotoStudio