S7 Airlines Training Flight Crew Trainers at Lund University School of Aviation (Sweden)


The unique course is being taught by instructors of the Lund University School of Aviation** and includes both theoretical and practical sessions. A separate part of the course is devoted to adapting the course to the peculiarities of S7 Airlines.

The training is being conducted at the S7 Airlines Training Center, which is located near Domodedovo International Airport. The course will run until the middle of July. The instructors include employees of the S7 Training Center, flight attendants and pilots of S7 Airlines.

After taking the course, the CRM instructors will begin training S7 Airlines flight crews and service personnel under the new program beginning in autumn 2008.

The training of the company’s personnel in the area of the human factor will consist of studying peoples’ capabilities in flight conditions. Drills of practical skills of interaction with equipment, procedures, the work environment and between employees will also be conducted.

The human factor is currently one of the main causes of incidents in civil aviation, because automation throughout the aviation and transportation system is very reliable and air traffic continues to increase.

In order to keep the personnel training, selection and management system up to date with the new conditions, the airline regularly updates training programs and trains CRM instructors who later teach classes with flight crews.

“The training of CRM instructors at S7 Airlines is done according to the most modern international programs of the Oxford Aviation Academy. The classes are designed to improve the cooperation of flight and ground crews and thus increase flight safety,” said Sergei Karpov, Personnel Director of S7 Group.

* Crew Resource Management (CRM) is effective use of all the resources available on board (crew members, airplane systems, accompanying equipment, etc.) with the goal of ensuring flight safety and efficiency.

** The Lund University School of Aviation is a division of Lund University, which is part of the worldwide Universitas 21 network. The network unites universities involved in scientific research in various areas.