S7 Airlines will participate in the MAKS-2007 - International Aviation and Space Salon


MAKS visitors will receive not only complete information on how to purchase an electronic ticket from S7 Airlines, but they will also have an opportunity to buy and finalize the ticket right at the pavilion. For purchasing an online-ticket at the aero-exhibition every future S7 passenger will receive a promotional gift.

Also during the aero-exhibition there will be an S7 Airlines “Collect the Cities” contest, in which special prizes will be given to participants. Conditions for participating in the contest and the awarding of prizes will be explained in special brochures that will be distributed at the aero-exhibition by promoters wearing S7 uniforms.

Today the International Aerospace Exhibition MAKS is one of the biggest aviation forums in the world. MAKS takes place in Zhukovsky - the city of aviation science and technology - at an airfield of the central testing base of the country — the Flight Research Institute named after M.M.Gromov. In the previous aero-exhibition, the MAKS-2005, 654 companies from 40 different countries participated. A unique flight program demonstration was shown during the aero-exhibition. And during 6 days in 2005 the aero-exhibition was visited by over 500,000 people.