S7 — Big Plans For Development In Chelyabinsk. New flights to Russian and foreign cities. Fourth daily flight between Chelyabinsk and Moscow. Flights to Moscow using a spacious A310 aircraft.


From April 2, there is a fourth daily Chelyabinsk-Moscow flight. S7 15/16 will leave Chelyabinsk at 09:45, arriving in Moscow at 10:20; and will depart Moscow at 18:40, arriving in Chelyabinsk at 23:10 (all times local).

“The fourth daily flight gives our passengers more opportunities to plan trips to Moscow and to other cities in Russia and abroad,” said Alexei Savchenkov, the director of the Central Branch of S7 GROUP. “The Boeing 737-500 aircraft means that we can offer passengers a comfortable trip at an attractive price.”

By summer, there will be a large number of direct routes opened between Chelyabinsk and cities in Russia and abroad.

“We plan to expand our network from Chelyabinsk, opening routes to Sochi, Anapa, St. Petersburg, Antalya, Khudzhand, Dushanbe, Yerevan and Rimini,” said Savchenkov.

This will meet the demand for direct flights to the Russian regions and abroad from Chelyabinsk. The new routes from Chelyabinsk will use Boeing 737-500 and Tu-154 aircraft. Tickets will be available through S7 Airlines ticket offices, the offices of S7 agents, and online at www.s7.ru. On the site it is also possible to check the timetable, availability and fares.

The Chelyabinsk-Moscow route also sees the introduction of the wide-bodied Airbus 310 aircraft. The A310 is designed to carry between 205 and 255 passengers. Its wide cabin makes it the most comfortable and widespread aircraft in the 200-seat category, which remaining very economical.

“The A310 is perfect for these routes of medium distance, given the comfort of its wide salon,” said Savchenkov.

As part of the program to modernize the S7 Airlines fleet, 10 Boeing 737-500 and 6 Airbus A310 aircraft were leased by the company in 2004-2005, which are used for domestic and international routes.