S7 Charter’s operating results for 2007


«The rise of S7’s charter indicators was 5-10%. The main reason of this growth is the effective use of that air fleet which was allocated for charter flights. Besides, the intensity of using aircrafts also increased. Foreign-made airplanes started to prevail in the structure of the fleet used for charter flights. We also optimized the flights’ timetable. All this allowed us to achieve higher operational indicators in 2007» — remarked the general director of S7 Charter Evgeniy Klucharev.

All together 6 478 charter flights were completed during 2007 on tourist routes. The amount of flights increased by 23% over 2006.

The positive dynamics of charter flights’ amount in 2007 was determined, among other things, by S7 Charter’ cooperation with more than 30 Russian travel agencies (excluding sub-agent agreements).

During 2007 S7’s airplanes completed charter flights on 94 routes, including new ones: Moscow — Nantes (France), Ovda (Eilat, Israel), Dijon (France), Chambery (France), Olbia (Italy), Aqaba (Jordan), Perm — Munich (Germany), Salonika (Greece), Dubai (UAE), Barcelona (Spain), Burgas (Bulgaria), Varna (Bulgaria), Larnaca (Cyprus), Novosibirsk — Sanya (China), Chelyabinsk — Rimini (Italy), etc.

During 2007 1,320,000 people were transported on charter flights, an 11 % increase over 2006.

Data on the cities is the following:

    »  Moscow — 1,140,00 people
    »  Novosibirsk — 93,500 people
    »  Perm — 33,600 people
    »  Chelyabinsk — 26,000 people
    »  Irkutsk — 18,000 people     »  other regions — 9,000 people

S7 Airlines’ flying hours on charter routes increased by 24% in 2007 to 25,300 hours, including foreign-made airplanes - 54% of the total amount.

«Due to expanding of S7 Charter’s route network S7 Tour travel agency could strengthen its position on the Russian travel services market, offering tourists from 16 Russian cities a wide variety of high-grade vacations abroad», — said Svetlana Antoshkina, the Chairwoman of S7 Tour’s Board of Directors.

S7 Charter company was established in January 2007 as a 100 % subsidiary of S7 Group.

Their principal activities are air broker services, as well as organization and completing flights on tourist routes on condition of using the air fleet together with S7 Airlines.

At present S7 Charter has at its disposal 13 aircrafts, two of which are Boeing 737-400, two — Airbus А310, six — Il-86, and three — Tu-154 (basing in Chelyabinsk, Perm and Hurgada). Besides, flights to Innsbruck and Chambery are completed by Airbus А319.