S7 E-tickets Now On Sale


Thus, in the last 5 days (from the 20th to the 24th of April), 567 e-tickets were bought just from our site, www.s7.ru, 8.4% of the total number of air tickets bought online during this period.

‘On 12 April, passengers bought the first electronic tickets for S7 Airlines flights. This is an important and significant step in the development of Russian civil aviation and in attaining global standards of passenger service,’ said Vladislav Filyov, General Director of S7 Airlines. ‘The introduction of e-tickets at S7 Airlines was preceded by more than a year of preparatory work for many of the airline’s services and by work with airports. At the same time, the question of whether electronic tickets can be accepted as legitimate documents of carriage has been resolved in Russian law. Now this issue has been fundamentally resolved, and S7 passengers can now buy tickets in the same way as millions of people in other countries.’

Today S7 passengers can buy e-tickets for flights to dozens of Russian cities —a major positive feature distinguishing S7 from other Russian carriers. E-tickets are accepted for all S7’s own flights from Moscow (Domodedovo), Novosibirsk (Tolmachyovo), Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Chelyabinsk and cities in Germany. E-tickets are also available for our domestic flights from Perm, plus a number of other routes, including ones to other CIS countries. In the near future, it will be possible to buy e-tickets for even more routes. S7 Airlines is turning e-tickets from an innovation into a routine element of comfort for all S7 passengers.

The main advantages of e-tickets are: firstly that they save considerable time when buying them, as there is now no need to go to a ticket office to pick up your ticket or to get to the airport early to get it and check in before take-off. This is convenient primarily to people used to buying flights via our website www.s7.ru. Secondly, e-tickets are stored in electronic form, so they cannot be forgotten, lost or stolen. After buying an e-ticket, you can always easily change the details of your trip via our 24-hour support service 8(800)200-000-7, or at an S7 sales office. Thirdly, checking in for a flight with an e-ticket is always easy and takes a minimum amount of time.

You can find more detailed information on the advantages of e-tickets, as well as a list of the routes that you can buy e-tickets for in the section E-tickets.

S7 Airlines is Russia’s largest domestic carrier and one of the world’s top 50 domestic airlines. In terms of passenger numbers, S7 is Russia’s second-biggest airline overall. In 2006, S7 made more than 40,000 flights, carrying 4,900,000 passengers and more than 28,000 tonnes of cargo and post. S7’s fleet comprises 62 Airbus A310/A319, Boeing 737-500/400, Il-86 and Tu-154M aircraft.