S7 Engineering Have Passed EASA Audit on Readiness to С-check Conduct on Airbus A319 and has conducted the first independent С-check of Boeing 737-500 airplane


“С-check performance has taken 15 days; works on the airplane directly have been performed by 15 people. This is a good result. We have done some works and tests for the first time, and for the first time ever used the equipment”, S7 Engineering General Director, Evgueny Kochetov said. “S7 Airlines has become our first customer for С-check conduct, but we expect that other airlines would make use of S7 Engineering services either”.

“Until present, S7 Airlines airplanes have passed С-check in Germany on Lufthansa Technik base, or in Lithuanian Vilnius. Of course, control passing in Moscow is much more convenient and favorable — at least due to the fact that there is no need in losing time and funds for aircraft ferrying”, Vladislav Filyov, PJSC “Siberia Airlines” /S7 Airlines/ General Director notes.

С-check is an extensional work on aircraft maintenance. The easiest airplane service maintenance form is called Transit check. The next one in complexity is a Daily Check (to be performed daily). Then the A-check follows (to be made every 250 hours of flying time): А1, А2, А4, А8. The more the number, the more is the works volume. The next form in complexity is the С-check, it is performed every 15 months or 4,000 hours of flying time. Such servicing form id subdivided into С1, С2, С4, С6 и С8. S7 Engineering has obtained the right to perform the works up to С4 inclusively.

For S7 Engineering to obtain the right to the С-check, a number of aviation authorities’ necessary conditions and requirements needed to be performed, namely in terms of qualified personnel quantity, premise condition, purchasing tools and special equipment, training people. Especially for such servicing form conduct, a new floor has been made in Domodedovo Airport hangar, since available hangar surface parameters did not meet the requirements made to conditions of performing high quality maintenance of such complexity.

S7 Engineering was created in 2006 and performs maintenance and repairs of foreign made aviation techniques. The company has been certified as per FAP-145, EASA Part-145, Bermudas aviation authorities’ standards, and is entitled to performing line and periodic maintenance, repairs of aircraft structure, nondestructive check on Airbus A320 Family, Boeing 737 airplanes and engines.

S7 Engineering production facilities are located in Moscow Domodedovo Airport, stuff totals 400 people of qualified engineering personnel.