S7 Launches New Regional Perm — Novosibirsk — Irkutsk Service


A unique feature of the new service is the possibility of fast and convenient travel between Perm (the capital of the Kama basin region) and the most important cities in Western and Eastern Siberia. Previously, passengers flying between Perm and Novosibirsk or Irkutsk had to take an indirect flight.

For residents of the Perm region, the new flight is also of interest in that it opens up the possibility of taking convenient onward S7 connecting flights from Novosibirsk and Irkutsk —for instance, to China (Beijing or ?r?mqi) and the Far East.

Special web fares are available from our website, www.s7.ru, for the flights between Perm and Irkutsk and Novosibirsk (3,000 and 1,000 rubles respectively, plus taxes and charges).

You can find a flight timetable, check seat availability and book tickets on the official S7 website, www.s7.ru, or by calling (free from within Russia).

In 2007 S7 became the first Russian airline to offer its passengers the chance to buy e-tickets for its domestic flights. Now when you buy an e-ticket you no longer need to go and pick up a physical ticket; you just need to turn up for check-in at the airport.

S7 Airlines is Russia’s largest domestic carrier and one of the world’s top 50 domestic airlines. In terms of passenger numbers, S7 is Russia’s second-biggest airline overall. In 2006, S7 made more than 40,000 flights, carrying 4,900,000 passengers and more than 28,000 tonnes of cargo and post. S7’s fleet comprises 62 Airbus A310/A319, Boeing 737-500/400, Il-86 and Tu-154M aircraft.