S7 simplifies the rules of pet's transportation


Now to transport a pet in the aircraft it doesn’t have to purchase one more ticket, but pay just for transportation of overloaded luggage; this payment is based on the actual weight of the pet and the container or cage *.

The maximum allowable weight of dogs, cats and birds transported in the aircraft shall not exceed eight kilograms, including the container. The sum of the three container dimensions shall not exceed 115 cm. The pets will be transported in the aircraft only if the prior confirmation of such transportation is made at least 24 hours before the flight. The number of pets transported by one flight is limited. Only two pets may be transported by one aircraft.

The container with pets shall be put under the ahead seat. It shall not be placed at the emergency exits, in aisles or overhead compartments. The pet shall remain in the closed container during the whole flight.

The only exception is transportation of guide dogs conducting passengers with loss of sight. Such transportation is free. The dog shall have a special certificate and wear the collar and the muzzle.

For detailed information on conditions of passenger, luggage and cargo transportation please refer to the web-site, «Information and Services» page, or to ticket sales offices.


*Amount of fare for overloaded luggage is specific for each flight and direction. For example, the cost of 1 kg of overloaded luggage is the following for flights:

-Moscow — Samara or back — 115 rubles;

-Moscow — Frankfurt or back — 8 Euros.

For overloaded luggage fare for other flights please refer to the S7 call-center or the ticket sales offices.