S7 Training introduces a new Boeing 737-800 full flight simulator


S7 Training introduces a new Boeing 737-800 full flight simulator

S7 Training aviation training centre has put a new a Boeing 737-800 Full Flight Simulator produced by L-3 Link Communication Training & Simulation into service.

Full Flight Simulators (FFS) are designed to enable pilots to train their flight skills in conditions that closely resemble reality. They are equipped with cabins identical to pilot cabins in real aircrafts.

The new FFC is equipped with electro-hydraulic mobility system to imitate flight dynamics and the latest Rockwell Collins EP8000 Image Generation System.

«A new Boeing 737-800 Full Flight Simulator will give pilots additional opportunities to improve their flight skills. Globus Airlines pilots will be the first to estimate its advantages in December. And we invite representatives of other airlines with Boeing 737-800 aircrafts in their fleets to estimate opportunities of the FFC and S7 Training centre specialists», Natalia Katkova, S7 Training Director, noted.

The Full Flight Simulator meets the highest European certification requirements1. Simulators manufactured by this company, including Airbus A320 Simulator, are already used at S7 Training and are recognized as safe and modern means of pilot training.

S7 Training operates training facilities that enable different types of starting training, retraining, advanced training of flight and cabin crew members and ground service members. The centre is certified for 80 courses of flight staff training and advanced training for all most wide spread in Russia aircraft types: Airbus 319/320/321; Boeing 737-300/400/500; Boeing 737-600/700/800/900.The training centre has the newest in Russia technical base and suggests full training course. 

1 JAR FSTD 1A Level D