Sale of the aeroplane tickets for new flights of Siberian Airline


The ticket to Nizhnevartovsk can be got for 1000 rubles, to Norilsk and Khabarovsk - for 2000 rubles, to Yuzhno- Sakhalinsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski - for 3500 rubles. The same tariffs work and in return flights to Novosibirsk. The tickets are sold for the period from May 27 till September 30, 2002.
According to the words of sales manager of "Siberia" Anton Eryomin, the sale is directed, first of all, on the students, who go home on summer holidays at this time. The reduced tariffs of Siberian Airline will allow them to make the trip home shorter, cheaper and more pleasant. In addition to this, the sale gives an opportunity for many inhabitants of Siberia and Far East to make true the old plans and to visit the relatives and friends.