Samara-Moscow: Second daily S7 Airlines Boeing flight


"Samara is a new destination for us, but we are already adding a second flight," said Alexei Savchenkov, the director of the Siberia Airlines’ central branch. "This shows that our services our in demand. The high comfort level of Boeing aircraft attracts passengers, and its economy means we can offer attractive fares."

Flight S7 031/032 leaves Moscow Domodedovo at 23:50 and arrives in Samara at 02:35; returning from Samara at 06:30 and arriving in Moscow at 07:20. The first daily flight between Moscow and Samara on a Boeing 737 was initiated in February 2006.

Boeing 737-500 aircraft are designed to carry 104 passengers: 8 in business class and 96 in economy. It has a spacious interior and low noise levels, as well as other advantages which ensure a comfortable flight. The Boeing 737-500s have all been repainted in the company’s new colors, in accordance with the rebranding program.