Siberia Airlies in the mirror of the world and russian ratings


In 2002 passenger turnover of Siberia Airlines made up 7479,4 mln. passenger-kilometers. The airline conveyed more than 2,6 mln. passengers on 19 853 flights. These showings have become possible owing to high-performance work of 4500 employees of the airline. 

Among airlines, which increased their showings in 2002 most of all, Siberia Airlines has taken the forth place. Growth of its passenger turnover made up 71,9%. This is only 1,2% less, than of companies taken the third place of the rating.  
According to the results of 2002 of Russian news agency «??&?» rating, Siberia Airlines has become one of 100 largest companies, being the most influential in economy of Russia, and has got six points up. At that, analysts of the news agency think, that Siberia Airlines is the seventh among the most dynamic developing companies of the country.

According to the information of the Transport clearing organization, by the results of the first quarter of 2003 Siberia Airlines wins the first place among Russian airlines according to volumes of passenger traffic on domestic air lines and the second place on international ones. The functioning fleet of Siberia Airlines numbers 47 aircrafts: 12 of IL-86, 33 of TU-154, and 2 of TU-204.

In 2003 Siberia Airlines has become the first Russian winner of Flight International Aerospace Awards in «Corporate Strategy» nomination.