Siberia AirLines


The work of the Expedition lasted several days. Its goal was to investigate the Altai glaciers in order to find out the air pollution rate and to carry out comparative analysis of the chemical structure of the Alpine and the Altai ice.Ice as the subject for scientific investigation is in its own way the only natural layer store of chemical substances. Members of the Expedition say that the detailed analysis of the material will decipher information on changes in the Altai atmosphere which took place since the middle of the 19th century. The further research is supposed to be carried on in Switzerland.Such unique load was carried in 15 thermo-insulated boxes put in the cargo compartments of the aircraft. The cargo was delivered to Novosibirsk late at night on July 19. It was carried in a refrigerator from Barnaul. Tolmachevo Airport Customs Service played crucial role on this leg of transportation. Its effective work on customs clearance of this special cargo allowed to spend minimum of time, and at 8 a.m. next morning the cargo started to the next destination point. From Hannover the ice was delivered in a refrigerator to Zurich. Actually, around 160 passengers were carried by the same flight from Novosibirsk to Hannover. Siberia Airlines' next flight to Frankfurt-am-Main carried several hundred kgs of the expedition equipment, which later was also carried to Zurich.Siberia Airlines had other unique carriages. For example, Novosibirsk Zoo approached our Company to carry two baby-lions to the South Africa. Scientific Center Akademgorodok sends protein medical substances to different parts of the world on the regular basis. So called "golden root", a herbal medicine, was transported from Irkutsk to the USA recently. All the above carriages were performed together with a world leading carrier — Lufthansa Cargo (Germany). Siberia Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo signed Interline Agreement in 1998.