Siberia airlines' action «reduced fare ticket to honours students»


In July in Moscow - the largest Russian student center - entrance examinations are to be hold, to which a lot of entrants from every corner of Russia come to participate. Many honours students from Western Siberia are among them, which have a challenge of cheap and fast trip to examination site. Siberia Airlines' action is being carried out from the 10th of June till the 25th of August, that's why those entrants, who successfully pass the examinations to Moscow institutes of higher education, will be able to by reduced fare ticket at the end of August as well so to reach the place of studying.

Directions of reduced fare tickets sale: Barnaul — Moscow, Kemerovo — Moscow, Novokuznetsk — Moscow, Tomsk — Moscow, Omsk — Moscow. You can buy reduced fare ticket at Siberia Airlines' ticket offices; passport and certificate with honours are required to obtain the ticket.