Siberia Airlines' Altay summer plans


On January 25, in addition to the daily morning flights, Siberia Airlines first started making evening Barnaul - Moscow flights. Since February the company has been providing three evening flights a week, connecting Barnaul with the nation's capital.
In 2004, Siberia Airlines plans to make 183 more flights than in 2003 (a 46% increase). Thanks to this increase, the income the Barnaul airport will derive from servicing Siberia Airlines flights will increase by 50% to total over 220 million rubles (fuel sales included).
New flights are being added due to the increased business activity in the Russian economy as a whole and in the Altay economy in particular, causing boosting demand for air transportation. Another reason for the increased number of flights is the implementation of the company's long-term plan of air transportation development in the Altay region.
Siberia Airlines has been making flights from Barnaul for over six years. The company's Altay branch was founded in late 1987. The branch includes its own air fleet and a team of air stewards and hostesses, with the total number of staff employed by the company's branch reaching 120. In 2003, Siberia Airlines carried 117,000 passengers in Altay, 16% more than in 2002.